One-year Memberships Given Out

February 6, 2009

Secret Revealed

For a limited time, you can get a free membership to Spot Greetings, (a $15 value).  The SG board figures that’s the best way to advertise Spot is to get people to see how funny our cards are, how easy it is to browse our card aisles.  So, to take advantage of this offer before the time runs out, click on this link and fill in spot77 where you see the space for a promo code. Badda bing, you’re in!

Spot’s Blago card to be advertised on the Drudge Report

February 5, 2009

Next Tuesday, the 9th of February, the Valentine’s Day Card about ex-Governor Rod Blaglojevich will be featured in an ad appearing on the Drudge Report, a news gathering web site. It will be interesting to see what kind of response it gets!


Spot Announces Alliance with MaxAir2Air

February 5, 2009


splog-maxairAs an exclusive special promotion on MaxAir2Air Pictures, you can now send aviation-themed Spot cards.

These cards are only available by going to the MaxAir2Air site, or by clicking here.

The competition is fierce. . .

February 5, 2009

So far, Blago is winning the battle for the hearts and dirty minds of the Valentine card senders.


Will Barrack make a comeback?

Stay tuned. Go to the Politics category to find both cards and vote for your favorite by sending it to a semi-loved one.